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Craig Dyce, Personal Trainer & Sports Coach

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best party ever!!Julie, Great Chesterford

Craig did a great party for our daughter's 7th birthday. She and her friends really enjoyed the games they played, and the circuits, and lots of her friends' parents have told me afterwards about how excited and enthusiastic their children were about the party when they got home. As for the birthday girl, "best party EVER!" was how she summed it up.

michael and craigMichael, Great Chesterford

I first came to Craig’s circuit classes to improve my overall fitness and he quickly encouraged me to take up running and cycling, which I’d last done seriously 20 years ago. I had some one to one sessions with Craig to build my confidence and then he set me a training schedule to gradually improve my stamina and speed. Craig suggested I enter duathlons (run, bike, run) and having performed well, I attempted to qualify for the Great Britain team at the World Duathlon Championships. With some more one to one sessions and much commitment, I finally made the team and had a great experience competing internationally alongside double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell. I still attend the weekly circuit classes as I feel these sessions give me the overall body strength that helps with my running and cycling.

Laurel, Saffron Walden

Once upon a time, in a my life before children, I loved exercising and used to be very fit; regularly attending circuit training sessions, rowing, learning to box and going running. However, in 2000 I discovered I had Rheumatoid Arthritis which badly affected many of my joints and as a result I found most exercise really painful to undertake and I lost motivation completely. Then, following my three pregnancies, although I knew I needed to exercise, I felt that I couldn’t find the time or the energy to start something new. There were plenty of reasons NOT to. However, inspired by the power of Chris Hoy’s thighs during the London Olympics in the summer of 2012 I finally decided that I needed to get off my bum and start doing some exercise. A friend of mine suggested I try Craig’s circuit training classes and after one session I was determined to continue. The sessions are great; Craig uses a wide variety of exercises, and changes the layout every session, so never the same circuit twice. Craig has enabled me to ‘discover’ exercise again by offering lots of technical advice with helpful and supportive encouragement. Everyone’s really welcoming, the music is loud and there’s no need to pre-book or pay huge membership fees. One year on I am now happier, healthier and fitter. I am managing to exercise 4-5 times a week, including circuits, swimming and cycling. My new regime has also had a positive effect on my joints too, making me stronger and more mobile, so thanks to Craig and his circuit training sessions I have been able to significantly reduce the levels of medication I need to take for my arthritis, which can only be a good thing.

philip and craigPhilip, Saffron Walden

I started 1:1 training sessions with Craig 18 months ago with two clear aims in mind. Firstly, I needed to make lifestyle changes in relation to diet and exercise: Craig gave me a plan to incorporate both these areas and I have been delighted to see a significant reduction in my weight as well as improved muscular and aerobic fitness.

Secondly, one of my goals is to run the New York Marathon in under four hours this year (my own Olympic challenge!) and I am well on my way to this being a reality, instead of a dream.

sophie enjoying the partySophie, Saffron Walden

Craig was such fun, he made up lots of really great games. I felt the party made my friends and I enjoy sport and feel more confident with the apparatus.

Craig made up a really good circuit for us to go around. My favourite part was the boxing on the dummy!!! I would recommend a party from this fit man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle, Manchester

michelle and craig

Craig introduced me to running several years ago and has motivated me to run numerous 5k and 10k races, as well as the Blackpool Half Marathon. To train for these races he provides me with detailed training schedules which gradually increase distance and pace. My best times have been with Craig beside me, pushing me on and telling me I CAN do it!

Like most people, I lead a hectic and often stressful lifestyle, but running keeps me sane and in good physical shape. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dyce Fitness to anyone who is ready to reap the same rewards.