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Group Fitness Classes

These sessions take the form of a Circuit Class in Arkesden Village Hall. The circuit offers a great total body workout. If you are looking for one or two sessions a week to maintain a healthy body or to regain some lost fitness and strength, then these classes are perfect. The exercises mix cardio machines and free weights with body weight exercises to target all your physiological needs. The hour session includes a warmup, 2 full circuits and a stretching cool-down…all accompanied by some rather 80s centric music!

The classes really are suitable for all ages and abilities. Participants have ranged in age from five to eighty! The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and very sociable. It’s a great way to meet other local residents and burn some calories. No booking or commitment is necessary, just turn up when you want.

Session Times - Monday and Wednesday 9:30am - 10:30am
Price - £7 per person

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Arkesden Village Hall


"I've been going to group fitness since the very first session around 12 years ago. It's absolutely brilliant with a great mixture of cardio, weights and flexibility, so that I can push myself as hard as I like, which is a huge benefit. It's full of different age groups and it has a real community feel about it. I can't recommend Craig enough".

Mark, Arkesden

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